Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Got the call from NY

I recieved a call from New York booking me for my procedure on August 3rd. Flights are booked, hotel reservations made. Today is exactly 5 weeks until my procedure. I am over the top excited. Talk about something to look foward to. More and more news of people "being fixed" are surfacing. Alot of people are having dramatic results. Some not so dramatic, but most all have improvements of some kind. As I have read over and over, it took time for the disability to surface, progress, in most cases. It could very well take time to heal these broken bodies. I am so very encouraged by the intense grass roots effort going on with this movement. Thank you so much to the early pioneers for forging a path. Thank you to Dr. Zamboni for having the deep desire to "fix" his wife. Dr. Zamboni, do you realize how many peoples lives will be positively affected in an incredible way? Not to mention the patients families, friends... It just trickles on and on!!
 It really was not just a matter of booking the treatment. I have read alot, communicated with alot of people, got on a few lists for possible treatment and here we go. I do believe it is going to get easier and easier with the proof that CCSVI is real. Today we are in the first phase of this wonderful discovery.  There is alot of info out there. Just search FB, you tube, the internet. Gobble up the info and push for healing yourself!!

It is so sad to me that alot of neuros, the MS Societys... are being so closed-minded with all of this great news and even better results of this treatment. The patients are supposed to be helped by these people and instead information is not even being shared. I was in my nueros office for a 6 month check in. I spoke to a few people in the waiting area. None had even heard of CCSVI. I gave them a quick bit of info along w/ my contact info. My nuero was at least interested enough to book an appt for me 1 month post. I can't wait to show him what I am hoping, are going to be amazing results!!
I plan on shooting some before and after videos to document the changes. Soooo, in the next few weeks I will post them. Stay tuned.

  Hoping for the best and praying for all the MSers out there!!


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