Sunday, August 8, 2010

5 days post procedure

Ok, here I am 5 days post procedure. I have had quite alot going on since last Tuesday. We flew back on Wednesday--full day
Try to catch up with some work on Thursday, full day
Friday, drive to Abilene 3 1/2 hours away to attend my sisters grad after playing more catch up with work stuff, full day again
Saturday, drive home from Abilene, bring nephew, watch ultimate fighting... till 12:00 am, another full day,
Sunday, church, grocery shopping, cooking dinner and heading to bed early ---period.
The house needs my attention and it is going to have to wait, I bet it will.

Still feel pretty good. I did notice after 1 1/2 hours grocery shopping my knee was feeling pretty crappy, but my foot was still not dropping as much as usual. That is my next step to have dr attention to. (my knee) Also going to get some accupuncture this week and really try to do some much needed recouping.
So maybe this next week with some normalcy and rest, I am going to be raving about how great everything is. Right now my right leg still feels better, I am just a bit exhausted.

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