Thursday, August 5, 2010

I love NY

The glass really is half full.

I went to NY with a strong feeling they would find something to work on. Not knowing for sure, but my research and my instinct had me convinced.
They found both jugulars to be 55% narrowed and what the Dr. called "irregularites" in the azygous vein. He ballooned all and said they responded well enough that he chose not to use stents.
My immediate changes are:
I can feel my right foot much better!!
The color of my right foot and calf are the same as my left (They had been a dark pink before)
My foot is not dropping
Balance on my stairs is much better
I have not had the choky feeling in my throat I was having
I have felt little to no spasticity
Later today I am going to walk my dogs and test my heat tolerance
A great baseline for pysical therapy is mine and I plan on getting stronger and stronger.
I'll keep updating, for now I have to be in the real world and get some work done!!