Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 weeks Post

Good things continue----- I recieved word that I am officially a person with insurance! Probably not a big deal to alot of people, but to a self employed person with MS, words I have not heard for about 6 years. Thank you President Obama for working so hard to get this pushed through. I know there are alot of people disappointed with the way he is doing things, but for myself, I could not imagine that job. Not to mention there is alot to clean up since our last presidents messes.

The best part of this is that I can now search out a place to rehab these legs and work on physical therapy with a professional. An even better part of all, of this is that I actually think I will be capable of getting stronger.
I continue to feel good. The spasticity in my legs feels much better than before the angio, I am very happy about that, as it makes walking so tiring when there is so much stiffness there.
My right foot still is not dropping for much longer periods of walking. The lift is just better. I think with strength it will continue. I did have a bad weekend with my right knee. It looks like there is some fluid on it and it is pretty sore. I took Chloe back to school shopping at the mall, maybe too much on this knee right now.
 As soon as I got my insurance info I was able to book an appointment with a knee dr. My insurance kicks in Sept 1, I made an appt for Sept 1. I am excited to hear the verdict of these knee issues and what I need to do.
I was at another outside cookout this past weekend. I can definately say that my heat intolerance is still there at 100 degree temps. I suppose that type of heat is not fun for anybody, but it does take the strength right out of my legs. Too bad because I like to be outside even when its hot.
All in all, I will say that my angioplasty was a success and it has only been 3 weeks. Looking foward to building on it more. I hope that all people with MS can at least be tested and then treated for this crazy condition that is causing the blood not to flow correctly. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information to make these things happen!!
Also wanting to add that the videos that we took do not really show that much. Honestly on video it is a bit hard to see the problems I have, unlike some of the dramatic before and afters that were part of what got me excited from the beginning. Just please take my word, my foot drop is better, not perfect but better. Balance is better. Heat intolerance feels no different, dang!!

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