Sunday, September 12, 2010

CCSVI is hope for people with MS, no doubt

So when I was diagnosed way back in 92 there was no medication available to help people with MS. Today 18 years later the only medications available help about 30% of the time at best. While spending around $25,000 per year to have miserable side effects, not to mention who knows what the long term side effects will be? The nuero drs are no closer than they were 20 years ago to figuring this one out. It makes so much more sense to let the vascular drs adjust your blood flow so that you do not have to take those crazy medications that are knocking down your immune defenses.
Please, MSers get your blood flow checked, then corrected with this simple treatment that has helped over 3000 already.
I am happy to say, I am still feeling alot better than I have in years! Working my legs and know they are going to get stronger. I still have terrible heat intolerance. I am hoping when I go for my followup they find another area or 2 to straighten out and maybe that will do the trick. I know I am in the early phase of this CCSVI learning curve and they are only going to keep perfecting it. Yay!!

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